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Can I Upgrade Southwest Flight seat?

In some events, when a person makes their reservation ticket with Southwest Airlines in economy class, they think about a more comfortable and luxurious flight experience. So, with Southwest Airlines flights, people can make Southwest Airlines upgrades on the airline website and at the airport. If a person does not know about the online procedure for seat upgrades on Southwest Airlines flights, log in to or can connect with a Southwest representative on call to ask for Southwest Upgrade.

How can I Request a Southwest Upgrade?

When a person has mistakenly made their booking for a Basic economy class ticket on Southwest Airlines, then he might be worried about how to upgrade to a Southwest flight seat; for this situation, people can upgrade their booking via the "manage trips" page or through the "web check-in" page on the airline. You can read the following online steps for Southwest Airlines seat upgrade via the online check-in option:

  1. First step, visit Southwest Airlines official site
  2. Then, go to the Southwest web check-in page.
  3. Enter reservation ticket PNR number, and the last name already given on their ticket.
  4. After that, you have to tap the button "next" and then redirect to another page wherein you will see your booking data.
  5. Then, you need to click "Upgrade your Southwest seat."
  6. Now, you will see the seat map from which you must click the available and desired seat options.
  7. Afterward, you may charge for the upgrade once you choose your preferred seat.
  8. Pay the fare difference on the Southwest Airline.
  9. Then, move forward on the procedure and tap the "continue" option.
  10. Complete the online check-in and receive the mobile boarding passes.

How much does Southwest Upgrade cost?

Southwest upgrade cost, starts from $30 for each segment per passenger. This upgrade fee on Southwest Airlines depends on the length of every flight segment and the total number of passengers. Southwest Airlines travelers who want to upgrade their seats can use their credit card to purchase the upgraded class, and for more information, people can contact Southwest Airlines customer service.

Terms and conditions for Southwest Airlines Seat upgrade:

Before people make a seat upgrade, they are advised to learn the Southwest Airlines upgrade flight policy and rules so that they don't face any problems or doubts regarding upgrading seats on flights. You can read the below information:

  1. As per the Southwest Airlines flights, passengers are allowed to make a seat upgrade before 2 to 3 from the scheduled departure.
  2. On Southwest Airlines flights, people who are frequent flyers or who have rapid rewards points, which means they have a higher status, so those passengers are eligible for a complimentary premier upgrade.
  3. People who want to purchase the upgraded boarding can do it within 24 hours of their scheduled departure time, which also depends on availability.
  4. According to the Southwest Airlines upgrade flight policy, passengers are allowed to make a seat upgrade via the "manage booking" web check-in page and at the airport.
  5. Southwest Airlines travelers who make a seat upgrade online may not be charged any fee, but if they are making a seat upgrade at the airport, then the passenger is required to pay some service charge.
  6. Southwest Airlines travelers must pay the fare difference between the previous ticket and the new ticket.

Why Upgrade my seat on Southwest?

The main reason to upgrade the seat on Southwest Airlines flights is to enjoy the benefits of airline service on business and first-class some of the benefits are given below:

  • By upgrading seats from Basic economy to business or first class, passengers will get extra comfort and extra legroom with the reclining seats.
  • People can customize their special meals and enjoy free wifi on the flight.
  • Passengers can get free blankets on board with the wide inches of screen to watch movies and web services during the journey.

Passengers with a ticket with Southwest Airlines sometimes wonder how to upgrade my Southwest flight seat since they don't know about the Upgrade procedures and policy. People can go through the above data to learn more about the seat upgrades on Southwest Airlines flights.

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