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What is a Frontier credit shell?

When you drop your  Frontier flight ticket and skip filling out the refund form, Frontier airlines generate a credit note against your canceled PNR for a future booking. Generating a credit note on your account is known as a Frontier credit shell. You can use the credit while booking your next flight ticket with the airline on your account. You can avail of the Frontier airlines credit within 90 days from the date of its issue and will receive a discount of the credit amount on the payment of your new booking. In the case of the booking with the work bundle, you can avail of the credit within one year from the date of its issue.

How do I Use my Frontier Airlines credits?

Frontier airline offers flight credit for the cancellation or changed flights. You can get a flight credit with Frontier on your flight cancellation/ changes, and you need to know.

Here's When passengers can use Frontier Airlines credits?

  1. If the tickets get canceled within 24 hours of booking, there will be no cancellation fee charged to you.
  2. If the flight gets canceled after 24 hours of the booking, a cancellation charge may be deducted from your ticket amount.
  3. If the ticket gets canceled 60 or more days before departure, there will be no cancellation fees for the same.
  4. There will be a certain cancellation amount if the cancellation is within 60 days of the flight departure.
  5. If you cancel your flight 6 days after your departure, the cancellation will be slightly more.
  6. Further, if you buy a working bundle, no cancellation charges will be deducted from you.
  7. After completing the cancellation process, you need to fill out the refund form to claim a refund of your amount.
  8. If you skip filling out the Frontier Airlines refund form, there will be a credit note generated for you to use for the future booking in your account.

There is a procedure on how to use Frontier credits:

To use Frontier credit shell you need to simply book your new flight on or dial +1 802 424 9100(OTA). Now select the "Credit with Frontier" option from the Payment screen and enter your six-digit confirmation code for the credit (confirmation code you will receive from the original booking).

  1. To redeem the Frontier airlines credits and book a new flight, start booking your flight following the usual procedure until you reach the payment page.
  2. After reaching the payment page, select ''Credit with Frontier” and enter the credit's six-digit confirmation code.
  3. Once the credit gets confirmed, you can redeem it and continue with the booking procedure.

How do I check my Frontier Credit?

There are two methods to check your Frontier Airlines credits:

  1. You can check your Frontier credit on the “My Frontier account” page. Your all transactions activity will be displayed on this page.
  2. Passengers can also see their Frontier credit on the “My trip” page. You need to enter your reservation code and passenger's last name to access the dashboard so you can check your associated credits of Frontier airlines.
  3. The frontier credits are non-transferable and are of one-time use.
  4. You can't redeem the frontier credit in cash mode.

How do I Extend my Frontier Travel Credit?

The Frontier Airlines Credit Voucher is usually issued with the 90 days redemption policy. You have to use it before the expiration of that period because there is no extension policy available to use and avail of the travel credit with Frontier airlines. But if you have canceled a ticket booked under the work bundle, the credit voucher will last for one year. However, the extension policy doesn't apply here as well.

How long are Frontier Airlines' credit good for?

Past 24 hours from booking creation, if any amount due back to the customer service will be put on a Credit Shell which is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and can be used by the traveler or on subject to a name change fee. Credit Shells must be reclaimed through Frontier Airlines or +1 802 424 9100(OTA)

Can someone else use my Frontier credit?

Frontier Credit vouchers are non-transferable and can only redeem in the name of the passenger to whom it was issued. The name of the passengers on the new booking must be the same of the old booking exactly.

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