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A Guide to using THAI Vouchers:

Thai vouchers are another productive initiative of Thai airways. It is the interim measure for the passengers who have applied for a refund or have an unused portion of the ticket. So, their ticket is credited in the travel vouchers. If you have a Thai travel voucher and you are looking for the ways for Thai Airways to redeem vouchers,  then you are on the right page. All you are asked to do is to refer to this page till the end and know everything with your Thai airways travel voucher.

How do I use a THAI travel voucher?

The best way to use a Thai airway travel voucher is to pay through the voucher for your flight booking. Now, how to do that is the most important question. All you have to do is to follow the steps written below and use your Thai airways voucher code as directed. 

Steps to using a THAI Voucher. 

  1. Once you have found your preferred flight. Then, you should select your flight. 
  2. Enter the personal details of the passengers which match the travel voucher’s details 
  3. Now, you can apply for the payment through the voucher code. A maximum of 5 vouchers can be applied to one transaction. 
  4. Then, THAI Airways will process your payment through the travel voucher. 
  5. Now, if your initial flight price and itineraries exceed the travel voucher credit then you will need to pay the remaining amount through other payment modes. 
  6. And, if the value of the flight and itineraries is lower than that of the travel voucher then the remaining amount will be retained in the travel voucher for future use. 
  7. When your booking is completed then you will receive a confirmation mail from Thai airways. 

Therefore, through the steps mentioned above, you can easily gain access to your Thai airways voucher. Continue reading further to know the remaining information on your Thai Airways travel voucher. 

How do I refund my THAI Airways voucher?

If passengers already request a Thai Airways refund but wish to change their refund request to a THAI travel voucher can dial 02 356 1111 or email at or can visit to local office of Thai Airways if approachable.

Here is how you can refund the THAI travel Voucher by Phone:

  1. Dial, 02 356 1111 THAI Airways Customer Care.
  2. Select language.
  3. Listen and follow the IVR method.
  4. Choose your query and press the number accordingly.
  5. Now, the call is connected to the person at the THAI Airways center.
  6. You can request to change the refund request to a travel Voucher with an agent.

How long Thai airways voucher good for?

If you have a Thai airways voucher then you would be worried about the validity of your voucher but you should rest assured and continue reading further. Now, if your voucher has been issued on 1 June 2022 then it is valid till 31 December 2022. If you have issued the travel voucher from Thai Airways then the airways will send you your voucher code it5ther through mail or if done from the post then it will take approximately 3 weeks to receive your travel voucher. You can then use your travel voucher to make the payments for your future travel. 

Therefore, this is for the information on the Thai Airways redeem the voucher. Now, if you have any problem with the services of Thai airways or the travel voucher then you can directly communicate with the customer care department of Thai airways and gt the answer to your questions. You can contact them at any time of the day as their services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  

phone3 +1 802 200 9500
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