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Is Delta a good Airline? Things you need to know

Delta Airlines is one of the world's oldest and most popular airlines. It is a legacy carrier that has been operating since 1924. Delta Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines. It has a fleet of over 800 crafts and flies to over 350 destinations in 55 countries. If you are planning to explore a new destination with the Airline but are confused about is Delta a good Airline?. The information mentioned below will help you make the decision easily. 

Pros to know: Is Delta a good airline to fly?

  • Various seat classes - The airlines provide various seats and class options. There are six types of seat options provided by the Airline. All these seats have different prices according to the amenities and facilities provided.
  • Basic Seat - It's a non-refundable, less expensive ticket. The seats will be assigned to you only after you have checked in. You cannot upgrade your seat with this type of ticket.
  • Main Cabin - The Airline gives more flexibility to the passengers who have a main cabin boarding pass. One can easily upgrade seats and select their favorite seat within the main cabin.
  • Comfort plus - Passengers with comfort plus tickets have access to get extra legroom and an overhead bin for the luggage. 
  • Premium Seats - If you are traveling with a premium seat ticket, you will get some comfortable perks such as more recline seats, an adjustable footrest, and a wider seat with a pillow and headrest. You will get some exotic food and beverages for free.
  • Delta One - Passengers who want great comfort and a luxury flight experience will love to take this seat ticket. It is available for long trips on both domestic and international trips. The Airline will provide an in-cabin attendant for the journey, a 180-degree bed seat, some delicious food, and complimentary beverages and snacks.
  • First Class - You will be prioritized during the boarding and deplaning. A seat with extra large legroom and recline with amenities kits. They also get two free bags checked per person and an amenity kit. Fresh, delicious meals are served depending upon the travel distance and time.

Why to choose to fly with Delta Airlines?

  1. Too many destinations - The Airline operates in more than 350 destinations on both domestic and international trips. It is the second largest Airline after American Airlines and has a fleet of more than 1000 planes. Delta airlines offer more direct flights to the US than other flights. You can almost travel half of the world using Delta Airlines, which has widened the range by contracting with other international airlines.
  2. In-flight entertainment - Another reason to conclude is Delta a good airline? is that they provide the best in-flight entertainment. The Airline provides a screen on the back of the seat where passengers can view all types of shows, web series, and movies. You can access the screen in different languages. The free Wi-Fi is given by the Airline to the passengers so they can easily stream their favorite shows and surf the internet to get some valuable knowledge. 
  3. SkyMiles value - It is a program run by the airlines for passengers who are frequent fliers with Delta Airlines to make their traveling wonderful. Members collect the miles when they travel with the Airline or the partnering Airline of Delta. Passengers can redeem these miles for the next flight booking, or they reclaim these points for hotel booking and car renting. 
  4. Making a reservation - You can book your flight through various methods given by the Airline. Since many airlines, such as Southwest, do not provide an option to book a ticket through a third party; however, you can easily book and save by booking Delta Airlines tickets through a third party.
  5. Boarding and Check-In - At the time of boarding and check-in, you can use various methods given by the Airline, such as online boarding through the app and website and at the airport. The airline staff helps and prioritizes the children and older people during boarding. 
  6. Recognized by CNBC - Before raising the question Delta is a good airline, you must note that it was ranked as one of the best domestic and international airlines in the world by CNBC in 2021. According to a customer survey done by CNBC, the survey found that people like the in-flight entertainment and customer service of Delta Airlines most.
  7. A safe airline - Delta Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines in the world. The Airline ranked highest on the safe travel barometer. Delta ranks second in North America for its punctuality. According to, Delta Airlines is in the 14th position regarding safety and security. 
  8. In-flight food and hygiene - The Airline serves passengers the best food nationwide. They use biodegradable cutleries and maintain cleanliness during the flight. The Airline offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and breakfast along with beverages and alcohol.

Is it right to consider Delta a good airline?

Before concluding, you must know about the demerits of traveling with the airlines.

  • Charges for checked bags - The Airline charges a fee for checking bags to almost every class except the comfort plus and higher class. At the same time, airlines such as Southwest allow two free checked bags. However, you can get some discounts if you use your SkyMiles points.
  • Higher Cost - The Airline is known for its high-quality service and facility, and to get those services, you have to pay a little extra than other airlines. Delta Airlines is not affordable for everyone.
  • Seat and comfort - The seats in the basic economy are not very comfortable. To get the best and most relaxed seats with extra legroom along with headrest and armrest, you have to book tickets in a higher class with a higher amount.

So is Delta a good airline? To answer this question, you can refer to the information given above. You can conclude that it is one of the world's safest, fastest, and best airlines. One can use the Airline without having any second thought if you want to experience a great journey.

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