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Korean Airlines Budapest(BUD) Office Information:

As the name already indicates, Korean Air is an airline from Korea. They are offering their flights to various airports around the world. Budapest is one such airport from where passengers can catch Korean Air flights. Suppose you have booked your flight with Korean Airlines from Budapest Airport and want to get some knowledge about the airport. Dial the Korean Air Budapest office phone number 1-800-438-5000 and get their representatives on the call.

Official Information of Korean Airlines at Budapest Airport(BDU):

  • Korean Air Budapest office phone number: 1-800-438-5000/307-300-2001/02-2656-2001
  • Budapest Airport contact number: +36 1 296 7000
  • Lost Item Inquiry phone number: +36-1-296-7690, +36-1-296-7473
  • Parking phone number: (+36-1) 296-555
  • Airport Code: BUD
  • Official link of Korean Air: 
  • Official link of Budapest Airport: 

Which terminal is used by Korean Air at Budapest Airport?

There are two terminals at Budapest Airport serving the airlines worldwide. The passengers who have booked their tickets with Korean Air might be interested in knowing the Korean Airlines terminal at BUD to catch their flight. Korean Air mostly uses Terminal 2B for their flights. However, in some cases, the terminal may change. You are advised to contact the airline at 1-800-438-5000 or 805 237-5020 for reliable and accurate information.

When can I contact Korean Air at Budapest Airport?

The passengers who have booked their flight with Korean Airport from Budapest Airport might be willing to contact the airline at the airport to learn about several things at the airport, such as the check-in counter at the airport, baggage loss area, lounge, and helpdesk. They serve their passengers via phone during Korean Air Budapest office contact hours 24/7. You can call them any time of the day as per your preference. 

What are the services offered by Korean Airlines at Budapest airport?

The passengers who have booked their seats with Korean Airlines from Budapest Airport might be willing to know about the services offered by the airline at the airport. Here are some of the services described below:

  • Booking and Cancellation: The passengers can make a booking with the airline by visiting the ticket counter located at Terminal 2 of the airport, and even if they had to cancel their flight, simply visit the same counter, and their representatives will help you to cancel your flight.
  • Kiosk Check-in: Check-in can be tiring, but Korean Air provides its Kiosk machine at Budapest Airport for early and fast check-in.
  • Baggage Inquiry: It may happen with the passengers that they may lose their luggage at the airport. In such a situation, they can directly visit the airline's helpdesk in Terminal 2 for necessary help. 
  • Seat Selection: The passengers may want the best seat for their trip. They can go to the helpdesk counter of the airline at the airport and seek a seat.
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