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Does Latam Airlines use WhatsApp?

A LATAM Airlines passenger struggling with an issue on the travel must want to talk with a live person at customer service. If you are wondering, connect with a person on WhatsApp and get the info or solution for the issue you have. LATAM does provide assistance on WhatsApp, and it can be attained anytime. Do you want to know how you can contact Latam on WhatsApp? Then below, you will find the required process to connect with customer service on WhatsApp.

How do I contact LATAM Airlines by WhatsApp?

  • On your browser, open the LATAM Airlines page
  • Click the “Help Center” button on the homepage,
  • Scroll a little on the appeared page till the Contact Us section,
  • Tap on the link underneath the WhatsApp tab,
  • Pick your contacting reason from the provided menu and tap on the continue button,
  • It will direct you to your WhatsApp,
  • Now you can text your queries on LATAM WhatsApp 1 (866) 435-9526.
  • And quickly, a person will be available to chat with you about your queries. 

This procedure will get you through a live person from LATAM Airlines on your WhatsApp, and you can communicate till your issue is resolved. Moreover, you can directly feed the Latam WhatsApp number: 1 (866) 435-9526 and send your questions on the same for WhatsApp assistance. If you did not receive a reply on time, you may try to contact their customer service on other modes. 

What are the other modes to contact a person at LATAM Airlines?

The other modes that are available that can get you a live person at LATAM Airlines are:

  • Phone Call: You can receive assistance by ringing a call at LATAM Airlines customer service and getting a live person to communicate about your travel issues or to obtain information. The customer service number of LATAM is 1 (866) 435-9526, which can be ringed anytime a person wants to get human assistance. You can speak with the person clearly on the call and receive the information you like to acquire from LATAM Airlines. 
  • Live Chat: You can also opt for receiving virtual assistance from a live person at LATAM Airlines and quickly receive the answers to your queries. The live chat procedure is as follows:
    • Head on the site of the LATAM webpage,
    • Hop on the Help Centre page,
    • Look for the Live Chat tab on the page,
    • Then tap the required link for the live chat,
    • Send your queries in the live chat box,
    • And the available person will share the information concerning the query.


  • Social Media: Various social media sites are available for taking assistance from LATAM Airlines, and you can find it on their site. You can tap the social media account you want to get through to a person, and it may require logging into your account. After that, you can drop your questions in their inbox and get assistance from a live person at LATAM. 
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