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Informative Guide on Thai Airways Check-in:

Check-in is the most integral part of boarding a Thai Airways flight. After booking the tickets, passengers must acquire complete information on the airline’s check-in modes along with terms and conditions. Thai Airways helps passengers in the best possible ways to make the check-in procedure quick and easy. A passenger can just choose the preferable way of check-in and comfortably board their flights.

 Please read the blog below to gather information on Thai Airways check-in and have a smooth, hassle-free boarding of the scheduled flight.


Thai Airways check-in policy:

  • For a Thai Airways flight, you must check in according to the given time as per the chosen mode.
  • For international flights, passengers are requested to check in at least 3-4 hours before the scheduled flight, and the counter will close 40 minutes before the departure. For domestic flights, the gates will close 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Please carry an official government identity card with a photo for verification. For international flights, passengers must hold a passport with other documents.
  • If traveling with an infant, a passport or birth certificate will be required for check-in.
  •  The information provided by the passenger for the check-in must be identical to the details given for booking tickets.
  • A passenger can select a seat on a Thai Airways flight and check in their baggage while doing an online check-in.
  • The passengers who have completed their online check-ins for the scheduled flight can leave the checked-in baggage at the stipulated area and, after security check, directly proceed to board the Thai Airways flight.
  • Thai Airways can deny a person boarding a scheduled flight in the event of incomplete or false documents.
  • If you have done online check-in, the digital copy of the boarding pass can be used for boarding.

What are the Modes of Thai Airways check-in?

There are a couple of ways to complete the Thai Airways check-in formalities before boarding the scheduled flight, as discussed below.

Thai Airways Online check-in: 

Thai Airways encourages passengers to choose online check-in as it is the most convenient and fastest way to go through the check-in process. The benefit associated with online check-in is that a passenger saves a lot of time needed to wait in the airport queue and collect the boarding pass. For  Thai airways online check-in, follow the consecutive steps in the given manner:

  • Reach the official website of Thai Airways
  • Click on the Before you fly tab on the homepage
  • Select the online check-in option from the list 
  • Enter the passenger's last name and booking reference number
  • Enter the mandatory details in the form of identification
  • You can select your seat on the flight if the privilege is available on the fare type
  • Check in the baggage during the process of online check-in 
  • At last, click on the submit tab
  • You will immediately receive the boarding pass for the scheduled Thai Airways flight on your registered email address.

It is pertinent to mention that if you have done Thai Airways online check-in opens 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time and you would not require a printed copy of your boarding pass with online check-in. The digital copy of the boarding pass sent in the email would serve the purpose.

Thai Airways Counter check-in: 

When you are at the airport and wait in the queue at the Thai Airways counter, it is termed as counter check-in. It is the primary way to complete the check-in; however, a passenger must arrive at the airport much before the scheduled flight's departure and get into a line for the check-in. 

A passenger can request the person at the Thai Airways check-in counter to assign a desired seat which will be subject to availability.

Self-check-in with Thai Airways: 

If you arrive at the airport, you can find several Thai Airways check-in kiosks, where you can follow the instructions coming up on the screen and complete the check-in. t do the self-check-in for a Thai Airways flight; see the process here

  • Select the Airlines name first on the screen
  • Choose the preferred language 
  • Enter the required information of booking reference number, e-ticket, frequent flyer number, passport, etc.
  • Go through the other instructions on the screen to complete the entire process and receive the boarding pass.
  • You can just drop the checked-in baggage at the Thai bag drop area and proceed to board the flight.

Thai Airways Mobile check-in:

 One more option to check in for a Thai Airways flight is through the phone app of Thai Airways. Follow the steps below for Thai airways mobile check-in of the passenger and the baggage.

  • Download the Thai Airways app on your mobile phone.
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Choose the check in option from the available services
  • Enter your booking reference number, last name, and other necessary details
  • Get access to the seat selection and baggage check-in services 
  • Complete the mobile check-in from the phone 
  • Receive the boarding pass on your account and email id.

For more information on the Thai Airways check-in requirements regarding documents, rules, and regulations, kindly contact customer service and speak to someone for support and guidance.

Check-in time for a Thai Airways flight : 

For more information on When can check in at Thai Airways, refer to the details given here:

Online check-in: Check-in for international and domestic flights starts 24 hours prior and closes 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

Self-check-in and counter check-in: Reach the airport at least 3 - 4 hours before the scheduled flight.

Things to remember at check-in with Thai Airways for Baggage;

To know about Thai Airways check-in baggage, refer to the points below

  • Passengers are suggested not to exceed the maximum weight limit of the checked-in baggage.
  • Please do not carry any restricted items in the checked-in baggage.
  • You can check in the baggage during online and mobile check-in
  • Tag the checked-in baggage appropriately for identification.

For further queries, contact Thai Airways customer service for assistance.

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