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What's Allegiant cancellation policy?

The airline provides a customer-centric cancellation policy that lets you cancel the booking without hassle if the plan changes. Besides, if you cancel the booking within 24 hours of ticket purchase, you get a full refund to your original payment mode as per the Allegiant cancellation policy. A cancellation fee applies for the booking you cancel after a risk-free period and is also based on several other conditions. If you don't know how to cancel your flight, you will get to know the details in the blog below. So let's get started.

How do I cancel an Allegiant flight reservation?  

Allegiant Airlines allows you to cancel the booking via online and offline options. Besides, if you need to learn how to cancel an Allegiant flight? Follow the procedure given below to avoid any confusion:- 

Steps to cancel a flight with Allegiant Air:

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant Air or dial 1 701 505 2188.
  • Click on the option “My Trip”.
  • Enter the booking reference number and last name, click on find my booking 
  • Select the Allegiant flight ticket you wish to cancel
  • Click on the “cancel reservation” button.
  • Now provide the reason why you want to cancel the booking 
  • You might also need to pay the cancellation fee if applicable
  • Once the cancellation is complete, you will soon receive a confirmation email from the airline

What are the methods to cancel Allegiant flights?

Several methods are available if you cannot board your flight for some reason and need to cancel the ticket. Moreover, if you don't know how to cancel your Allegiant flight? Here given all of them for your reference, opt for the best one that suits you most.

  • Cancel the ticket online: You can cancel the booking online by visiting the manage booking section on the homepage. It is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to cancel your ticket with Allegiant Air. You can use the online option for the tickets you booked directly from the Allegiant Air website, contact center, and at the airport. For third-party booking, online cancellation is not allowed.
  • By Phone: If online methods don't work, you can ask the Allegiant Air representative to cancel the booking. However, you might need to pay the additional charges when canceling the booking over the phone. 
  • By Chat: You can also speak to the Allegiant Air representative over chat and request them to cancel the ticket. The chat option is available on the support page at the bottom right. You can open the chat box and select the cancel flight options. Follow the instructions carefully, and you will be able to cancel the booking soon.
  • At Airport: It is the traditional way, where you can visit the airport and cancel your booking by meeting in person at the Allegiant air ticket counter. Present your passport and other relevant documents for the agent to check. Once verified, they will cancel your booking simultaneously.
  • Via third party: The methods above, you can use for tickets purchased from the authorized sources of Allegiant Air. You need to cancel the ticket for third-party booking by speaking to your agent directly.

How much does it cost to cancel an Allegiant flight booking?

If you cancel the booking within 24 hours, no cancellation fee applies, and you are eligible to get a full refund. However, Allegiant cancellation fees apply if you fail to cancel the booking within the risk-free period. The cancellation fee varies from $100 to $500, depending on when you purchased the ticket. An additional fee applies in case you cancel the ticket over the phone. If you purchase a trip flex ticket, you do not need to pay any cancellation charges. Moreover, you can always speak to the Allegiant air representative directly to get exact cancellation fee information in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Allegiant cancellation policy:

Q1. Can Allegiant flights be Cancelled within 24 hours?

Yes! As per Allegiant cancellation policy, you have 24 hours from booking to cancel the ticket free of cost if departure is seven days away. In this case, you don't need to pay any cancellation fee, and you can get a full refund.

Q2. Can I cancel my Allegiant flight without trip Flex?

Yes! You can cancel your Allegiant Air flight without Trip flex; however, cancellation charges of around $75 per person each way apply. If you want to cancel the booking for free, complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours after booking.

Q3. How far in advance does Allegiant cancel?

Allegiant Air allows you to cancel the booking immediately after it is confirmed. Passengers traveling with trip flex can cancel the booking for free up to 1 hour before departure, and in case they don't have trip flex, they must cancel the booking at least seven days before departure. Else cancellation charges might apply.

Q4. Does Allegiant Air offer free cancellation? 

Yes, you can cancel your Allegiant air ticket without paying any cancellation charges to the team. Your ticket must be eligible for the same. To know about the eligibility, you can go through their policies that will help you with the process. 

Q5. Is Allegiant canceling a lot of flights? 

No, Allegiant airlines are not canceling flights. Though the flights might get canceled due to several reasons. The reasons are listed below: 

  • Cancellation due to bad weather. 
  • Cancellation due to flight delay. 
  • Cancellation due to technical glitch.

Q6. How much is it to cancel my Allegiant flight? 

If you have a non-refundable booking and you cancel the flight out of the risk-free policy, then you might get the refund after the deduction of cancellation charges. For any non-refundable booking, the cancellation charges range between $50 to $250 per person. If you have a refundable booking and you have agreed to the fare rules, then you are eligible for cancellation without any deduction from the refund amount. 

Q7. Can I cancel my Allegiant flight for free? 

Yes, you can cancel a made booking with Allegiant airlines for free by following the given steps: 

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines, or dial +1 701 505 2188.
  • Retrieve your booking using the itinerary booking details. 
  • On the booking summary page, tap the cancel option from the menu icon list. 
  • Select the flight required and proceed to cancel the booking. 
  • After canceling the booking, you will receive an email to the official email address. 

Q8. Can I cancel my Allegiant flight without a penalty?

Yes, you can cancel the booking without any penalty. But to know about it, you must go through the policy of cancellation, which will help in cancellation in a hassle-free way. 

  • If you cancel the confirmed reservation within 24 hours of making the purchase, you can get a refund. 
  • If the cancellation is made for a non-refundable booking, then you will have to pay the cancellation charges. 
  • If you cancel the booking due to any medical reasons, you will have to provide the document in order to cancel a ticket without any penalty. 
  • If the airline happens to cancel your booking, then you can get a refund, and you can even choose to ask the airline to make another booking on your behalf. 
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