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What day is best to buy Southwest tickets?

Well, all days are best to buy a ticket with Southwest Airlines. And finally, it depends on you which day you want to fly. If you want to plan your journey on your off days, you will be free mentally and freely enjoy the trip. But if you travel on days with a pocket-friendly budget, you can choose weekdays. If you want to buy tickets, the best day to buy a Southwest ticket is the one with some offers applied. For example, you can make reservations near Christmas or other festivals, you might get a discount.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight on Southwest? 

It has been observed that comparatively, weekdays are cheaper than week offs because the tickets are in high demand on weekends rather than on weekdays. So you can prefer any weekday over the weekend to book a flight with Southwest Airlines. However, the best day to buy a Southwest ticket is Tuesday and the best time is 3 pm afternoon. So grab the best deal on the said day and time. 

What days are the cheapest to fly Southwest?

To find the cheapest day, you will have to check the ticket fare regularly on the official site of Southwest Airlines. It could be any day as the fare prices depend upon market factors such as demand and supply. However, most probably Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are Southwest Airlines' cheapest days to buy tickets. So you are advised to book your reservations on these days. But don't forget to keep surfing to get the best.

How do I buy a Southwest flight ticket on the cheapest day of the week?

The Airline has provided its customers with a variety of ticket booking methods. You can book your ticket with the convenience of accessing these methods. Also, the same methods will be applied to Southwest Airlines' cheapest days to buy tickets. The methods are as follows:--

Via website:-- You can buy or book your Southwest Airlines cheapest flight by its website booking service. You got to follow the given steps to get your flight ticket booked.

  1. Get on to the official site of Southwest Airlines
  2. Go to the new bookings tab and hit 
  3. Fill in all the authentic details of yours that coincide with your passport.
  4. Now you need to apply for the voucher or offer that is available in your account. 
  5. Checkout by paying the amount 
  6. And complete the process
  7. You will certainly get the confirmation email or message.

Via Phone Call:- You can either choose to make a call to book a Southwest Airlines cheapest flight at 1 (800) 435-9792/+1 839 777 9792. You can simply proceed by following the IVR commands. Otherwise, you can connect with the agent who will assist you in booking a new flight. The IVR menu is as follows:

  1. You need to press 0 to select your preferred language
  2. You will have to press 1 to book a new flight
  3. You can press 2 to know your flight status
  4. Or you can press * to get connected to the live agent.

Offline Method:-- You can directly reach the functional airport of Southwest Airlines. Go to its ticket booking window to book. 

phone3 +1 839 777 9792
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