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What day of the week is it cheapest to fly with Air Canada?

If you are flying to a domestic destination with Air Canada, Tuesday is the cheapest day of the week to fly. And if you are flying to an international destination, then Thursday is the cheapest day to fly with Air Canada. Consider booking your flight these days to get a lower price on your flight tickets than usual for your favorite destination.

Do Air Canada flight prices go down?

The flight prices rise as the scheduled departure date gets closer rather than going down. There is a scarce chance of getting a low-price flight ticket with only a few days to board at the time of booking. If you are thinking about how to get cheap Air Canada flights, then you may consider some tips mentioned below:

  • Contact Air Canada Agent:  Reaching out to an agent of Air Canada by dialing +1 806 256 8457(OTA)  can get you hidden deals for purchasing a flight ticket. Booking directly through a live agent of the airline benefits in getting a discount on the original fare, and you will book tickets at a low price.
  • Book Early: Booking flight tickets early at Air Canada will get you cheap tickets as they lower the fares for advance bookings and increase the price as the flight date gets closer. So consider booking 2-3 months early if you like to receive a cheap deal.
  • Low Fare Calendar: When you search flights on the Air Canada website, click on the low-fare calendar option rather than entering a particular date with the required destinations. This trick will show the result with flight costs for a specific month. Now, pick the flight with the lowest fare and make your booking.
  • Red Eye: Search for your flight tickets at midnight and get low fares for your destination. The number of flyers is less at midnight searching for flights, which results in low fare prices. Reserve your flight at midnight rather than morning to save some amount.
  • Early Morning Flight: The prices of morning flights are low compared to the other times. First flights of the day are always cheaper, so you can consider flying early in the morning with Air Canada for a cheap fare. 
  • Explore Website Offers: You can check out Air Canada’s website for its offers. Head to their website, look for the offer page, and find a deal for your destination. 

Hence, consider booking on Tuesday or Thursday is the cheapest day to fly with Air Canada. You can also view the above tricks, which may find you a flight ticket at a low price. 

Does Air Canada have a discount airline?

Air Canada Rouge is the discounted airline of Air Canada. They offer flight tickets at low fares to their passengers for various destinations. So, if you are looking for flight tickets at a cheap price, check out the availability on Air Canada Rouge’s website for your destination.

What is the best day to buy Air Canada tickets?

If you are planning to book in Air Canada, please keep in mind to book your tickets at least one week before the departure to get flight tickets under the budget. The best day to buy an Air Canada ticket is generally Sunday and Thursday

What is the cheapest day to book with Air Canada?

On Air Canada, passengers can find flight tickets at much cheaper rates on weekdays rather than on weekends. The cheapest day to book Air Canada flight tickets is on Tuesday and Wednesday if you want to fly domestically, and Wednesdays and Thursdays to fly internationally. 

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