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What happens if I miss my KLM connection?

KLM is a prominent airline that schedules direct and connecting flights to multiple destinations around the world. When a passenger books a connecting flight with KLM Airlines, there can be a possibility that you may miss your connection. In that situation, "KLM missed flight what to do" will be the first question that will come to your mind. If the airline's fault disrupts your connection flight, some policies will compensate you for the missed flight. Here KLM missed connection flight-related information is mentioned, which you should consider. 

In case you missed the KLM connection flight:

  1. You can request compensation from KLM Airlines.
  2. Rebook KLM missed flight.

What is the KLM Missed Flight Policy?

If you want to know what are the conditions of missing your connected flight, read the KLM missed flight policy that is listed down: 

  • If you miss your KLM connection due to the delay of your previous flight, the airlines will schedule an alternate flight for you.
  • If there is a delay in your baggage and you could claim the luggage before the boarding time of your connecting flight, KLM Airlines is responsible for the missed connecting flight and will reimburse you with a rebooking or a refund.
  • A person is eligible for compensation from KLM Airlines for missed connecting flights. 
  • The passenger with the "Self-transfer flight" booking will not be eligible for airline compensation for their missed connection.
  • If your connecting flight is missed due to weather conditions, then the airline's representative will help you to get a rebooking on the next possible flight or provide accommodation facilities at the airport if required. 
  • The passenger can request a rebooking after missing their KLM-connected flight. 

So these are some of the KLM missed flight policies that you need to consider when you miss your connection. 

How can I rebook my missed KLM flight?

If you require a rebooking of your missed connecting flight, you can do it online. Here is the process for KLM missed flight rebooks given step by step:

  • First, head to the website of KLM Airlines,
  • Then open the "My Trips" window on the website,
  • Put your trip details to access the itinerary or sign in with the concerned account,
  • Your booked itinerary will open on the screen,
  • You need to tap on the "Rebook" button on the appeared page,
  • Put the requirements in the given columns,
  • Then the available flight list will open on the screen,
  • You may have to pay the rebooking charges or any additional flight different costs,
  • After that, the rebooking for your missed KLM flight will be done. 

If you cannot rebook your missed flight with the online procedure, you can contact KLM for a missed flight and get help on the rebooking. The person at KLM customer service will find you the best alternate options for the flight that you have missed and will make the bookings. You will have to pay the charges with an online mode. 

How to get KLM Missed flight compensation? 

When a passenger misses their connecting flight due to the cancellation or delay of the previous flight or any technical issues, you will be eligible for a refund. If you like to know how you can get KLM missed flight compensation, below the methods are given:

1. KLM Compensation Form for Missed Flight;

You should fill out a compensation form after missing your connecting flight to get reimbursed by the airline. The compensation form is provided online for the passengers when you have to mention all the necessary details and attach some documents for verification, and within a few business days, you will be compensated by KLM. 

  • Visit the KLM webpage on your device,

  • Hit the "All contact options" button on the webpage,
  • Then select the "Refunds and compensation" tap on the directed page,
  • The KLM compensation form will appear on your screen,
  • Now you need to select the reason for claiming the compensation,
  • Further, add the flight details in the given columns,
  • Add the passenger details along with the contact number,
  • At last, press the "Submit" button to share your compensation request with KLM Airlines. 

2. Contact KLM Customer Support for Compensation:

Another convenient option for claiming compensation is to contact KLM for a missed flight. The representative on the call at their customer support will help you to send your compensation request due to your missed connecting flight to the concerned department. 

Steps to contact KLM for missed flight compensation:

  • Dial the KLM compensation number: 1 (800) 618-0104,
  • Within a few minutes, a representative will avail on the call,
  • State your reason for the compensation claim,
  • Share the details of your missed connecting flight,
  • Provide all the other mandatory details to the representative,
  • Then your compensation request will be shared with KLM Airlines.

What are the charges for a KLM missed flight?

If you missed the flight due to the airline's fault, no charges will apply. When the passenger does not show up for the boarding of their flight, they will be considered in the "No-Show Policy" at the airline, and then the KLM Missed flight charges will be equivalent to the fare amount of the flight. The fare will be forfeited, and no compensation will be offered to the passenger.

Hence, when you miss a flight, consider reading the KLM missed flight policy and the methods for rebooking or compensation claims. 

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