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What happens when you miss your Delta flight?

When you have purchased a flight ticket from Delta Airlines but cannot board the flight and have missed it, you get to communicate with the airline customer service team and get guidance on the matter. Hence, if the reason is genuine, you could get the booking on the next flight by the airline; if not, you might get to forfeit the fare cost. 

What is Delta Airlines missed flight policy?

When you have missed your flight on Delta Airlines, you may have to comply with the term and conditions cited. And that provision, you can get inside the Delta missed flight policy that has been written beneath:-

  • If you ahve missed your connecting flight due to the airline's default, you can get to the airline for compensation.
  • When you have informed the airline that you could miss your fight for a specific reason, the airline may get you on the stand-by flight if the space is available.
  • When you fall under the no-show policy for missing the flight, you might not be able to seek aid from the airline.
  • When you have taken any type of travel insurance and are coved by it, you can rebook or apply for a refund.
  • If your tire gets flat, by informing the aerie prior, you might be able to rebook the flight, but it is the airline's discretion.

What is Delta airline missed flight phone number? 

When you speak with Delta Airlines about the missed flight, dial 1 (800) 221-1212/ 1 (406) 902 1212, and you can get the Delta customer service missed flight with proper answers. While calling, you could able to explain your issue efficiently and able to follow the process.

Different options for missed flights in Delta Airlines 

When your flight has been missed, and if you are searching for alternatives, you can locate those details at the bottom. So choose the one by that you can get satisfactory results.

  • When you haven't conveyed to the airline the reason for missing the flight, you can make a fresh booking because, in this situation, you might not be able to do anything.
  • You can rebook the flight or ask for compensation if your connecting flight is missed due to the airline's fault.
  • If your reason is authenticated, then you might get to rebook the flight, and when seats are not availed, then you can choose a next-day flight also.

Know about Delta Airlines' stand-by flights

On Delta Airlines, you can switch your flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the flight, and that is same-day flights. And that you can get it at no cost, and the until your new flight gets confirmed, you can have the original booking in your hand. And you can get this facility from the airport counter.

Do you get charged if you miss a flight with Delta?

No, you may not get to pay the Delta missed flight fee. But you may get to forfeit the cost of your fare when you miss the flight because of your reason. You can get back the whole sum if you have missed your flight due to an airline fault. But if you have any type of doubts, then you can approach the airline customer service and seek answers for that.

The process to get a refund on Delta Airlines. 

When your Delta missed a flight, and you are competent to seek a refund from the airline, you can use any of the modes described below and have your sum back.


You can communicate with the airline customer service through a call and ask them to process your refund request. Further to call, you can use this number 1 (800) 221-1212. After that, follow the IVR menu as this:-

  • Pess1 to choose a language 
  • Press3 for the flight change date
  • Press7 to submit a refund request 
  • Press0 to speak with customer service.


If you have tried getting to customer service by calling but cannot get to them, then you can use the online method and conduct the process yourself. And the guide to getting a refund for Delta missed flight is stated beneath:-

  • Open the Delta Airline official website
  • And then click on my trips option 
  • Further, you get to enter the booking reference number with the passenger's last name.
  • After that, click on the refund icon and click on the continue icon 
  • Now, you get to fill in the detail asked in the form and click on submit icon
  • You can get a confirmation message via email and phone number when you have finished the process.

Furthermore, when you get here, you may not face the issue related to the Delta missed flight because, while referring to the above context, you can get the solutions for that. But if there is anything hard to get through, get a hold of airline customer service and have resolutions.

+1 406 902 1212
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