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What is better to fly American or Delta?

Suppose you're considering exploring the East Coast but unfortunately are stuck in a situation where you cannot decide what's better, American or Delta Airlines. This article will guide you to make a decision about which airline suits you the best. Since both airlines have their features and drawbacks, in this article, we tried to differentiate between the articles based on the following mentioned factors. 

Here's a comparison to choose between American or Delta:

  • Pricing - Both airlines have different booking methods, and prices are also different. The average airfare of American Airlines is around $370 for domestic flights and $820 for international flights. On the other hand, Delta Airlines' average airfare is around $300 for domestic and $780 for international flights.
  • Flight destination and accessibility - To decide what's better American or Delta, the destination covered by the airlines is an important factor. One can travel to more than 350 destinations in over 50 countries with American Airlines, whereas with Delta Airlines, you can cover 300 destinations in over 50 countries.
  • Travel Credit Card Accessibility - American airlines issues three types of personal travel credit cards within Citi and AAdvantage credit cards. Delta Airlines offers passengers four types of travel cards through American Express. These travel credit cards allow you to get extra miles and points when you book your flights through the cards. With the help of an American Airlines credit card, you can get credit for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and get a free bag checked in. On the contrary, with the Delta Airlines credit card, you will get discounts on restaurants and supermarkets in the US, and you will also get discounts on every booking. 
  • Loyalty Programs - The AAdvantage miles are valued at around 1.2 cents, and passengers can redeem these miles for travel, upgrade, cars and hotels, club memberships, and many more. However, the AAdvantage expires after 18 months from the day of issue. The Delta Miles are valued at around 1.3 cents, and the miles can be redeemed for flights, hotel and stay, seat change, and access to the Delta Sky Club lounge. The delta miles never expire as American miles expire. You can add this factor also between American and Delta Airlines.
  • Baggage Fee - If you travel with Delta Airlines, then you have to pay a sound $30 to $200 as a baggage fee; on the other hand, the baggage fee of American Airlines depends upon the location for example, if you travel from South America then you have to pay around $75 to $200 as baggage fee to the airline.
  • In-flight experience - In American Airlines, there are many facilities, such as high-speed Wi-Fi and a wide range of entertainment options, including music and movies. But all these features in the airline are not free, adding that you can't even do free texting on American Airlines; only app-based texting is allowed while connected with the Wi-Fi. Delta Airlines provides great customer service and in-flight entertainment. The airline has Delta Studio, which gives you a screen to access all the movies and music during the flight. You can free text through Messenger, Facebook, and other platforms while connected with Wi-Fi. 
  • Airlines Safety - American Airlines uses Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800, considered the best aircraft by the industry because of their latest technology and safety features in the country. Delta Airlines uses Boeing 717, 757, and 767 variants and Airbus A330 aircraft, they are little old aircraft, but the airline keeps them in top-notch condition.

All this information, facts, and figures will help you decide "is delta or American airlines cheaper" in a very simple and easy way. In the end, you can conclude that Delta Airlines is better than American Airlines, but in some places, it lagged behind American Airlines.

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