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Learn When to call Airlines to get help:

Suppose you had booked a flight with a specific airline, and during the booking procedure, your payment got stuck, and the money was already deducted from your bank account. In this situation, it is obvious to get stressed, and it will be the best time to call airlines and get help. When you tried to contact the airline, your call was put on hold, and Nobody likes to wait on hold for hours and hours to get the required assistance from the Airline customer service team. So if you want to know the right time to call Airlines, continue reading the information below.

What is the best time to call the airlines?

Follow the below tips to know when you will get the most connectivity with the airline support team.

  • Best time of the day to speak- the best time to call the airline is in the morning, around 7 am, because, on average, the wait time is 70% shorter before noon. So try to call before noon as it is the best time to call airlines customer support team to get assistance.
  • Best day to speak to the live agent-  during weekdays, you can call the customer support number of the airline on Wednesday and Thursday as these days have the shortest average wait time. It would help if you avoided calling the helpline number on Monday as the wait time can tend to be the longest. 
  • On Monday, Customer service is 16% slower than on other weekdays.
  • The best time to call airlines is on Wednesday. Customer support is 7% faster than on other weekdays.
  • If the airline provides customer service 24/7 the whole week, you can call on weekends, especially on Sundays, as the hold time is 19% less on this day.

Things to keep in mind while speaking to the customer service representative-

Speak to the live agent- if the phone IVR doesn't say press 0 to speak to the live agent, then go for the phone tree to connect with the real agent.

  • Always be prepared-  do your research beforehand about your issue, read the policies and take notes about certain issue guidelines before speaking to the live agent.
  • Speak politely- customer service representatives are more likely to go beyond their hand if you are being polite on the call. Always prefer the right time to call Airlines and ask the agent politely to help you with the issue.
  • Empathize with the agents- as the representatives are humans too, you can establish a connection with them by explaining the trouble you have gone through because of the issue. By doing this, you will receive better customer support from the agent. Also, you can use "we" instead of "I," representing that you want to tackle the problem together. You can also try to address them by their name in the conversation, showing that you recognize them as a person.
  • Ask for the same representative- to better understand. You can ask to connect with the same agent as we know that some issues cannot be solved in just one phone call.
  • If it is required, ask for the manager- you can ask for higher authorities like the agent supervisor to help resolve if the agent cannot do so.
  • Always appreciate the agent- if the agent helped you resolve the issue, you could also give positive feedback to them. After a phone call, you usually see a feedback form where you can give stars to the agent. It can help them to get recognized by the airline, and also it can help the airline provide better customer service to future passengers on similar issues. You can also post your reviews on the airline sites so it can help other passengers to get help.

You can use the tips mentioned above to speak directly to the agent and get the necessary support from them.

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