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How do I Contact O'Hare International Airport?

The passengers plan a trip to their desired destination, and while making the booking at O'Hare International Airport, the passengers may need help regarding their queries that can be related to anything like flight departure, accessibility assistance, or any other airport-related questions. O'Hare International Airport provides different ways to contact customer service representatives. You can communicate with O'Hare airport customer service by calling (800) 832-6352/+1 802 636 9409.

What are the ways to contact O'Hare International Airport?

While traveling at O'Hare International Airport, the passengers have queries related to numerous topics. O'Hare International Airport is dedicated to giving the best services to its passengers. You can contact the representative by using the details as per listed below:

  • Accessibility Assistance: If you are traveling with a passenger who needs special assistance. You can call the customer service representative at O'Hare airport phone number, (855) 787-2227, or you can also send an email to ORD​ 
  • Banking: You can avail of banking services at the airport. For more information, you can call (773) 831-7320. You can also visit Terminal 1 Gate C18, Terminal 2 Gate F1, and ​Terminal 3 Gate K10.
  • Information Desk: If your queries are still not getting resolved and you need help, you can go to the information desk, and the representative will provide you assistance regarding your concern. For the information desk, you need to go to Terminal 1 Gate B8, Terminal, Gate C18, Terminal 2 Gate F4, Terminal 3 Gate K2, Terminal 5 M15, Upper-Level Lobby, and Terminal 5 Lower Level Lobby.
  • Lounges: You can get lounge services at the airport. Different Airlines have their lounges. You can contact the customer service representative to avail of the lounge service. To contact the representative, you need to follow the steps given below:
    • Go to the O'Hare International Airport website.
    • Click on the Services and Amenities option.
    • Tap on the option Air Lounges.
    • Select the Airlines as per your requirement.
    • The number will display on your screen.
  • Parking: If you want to reserve a parking space at O'Hare International Airport, you can contact the representative at (773) 686-7532.

How to contact O'Hare International Airport for Lost and Found?

If you lost any essential item at the airport and want to file a lost and found, you can give a call at (773) 462-0400. Suppose you did not get the proper assistance regarding your concern and are looking for an alternative way to contact the O'Hare lost and found customer service representative. In that case, you can also send an email to

There are multiple ways to contact lost and found depending upon the location where the passenger has lost the luggage given below:

  • TSA Checkpoints / Security Lines: ​or (773) 377-1210.
  • On the Airport Transit System (ATS): contact O'Hare ATS at (773) 462-0400 or email
  • HMS Host f​ood service locations: call (773) 377-7804.
  • Non-HMS Host food service locations: You can dial the number(773) 894-3900.
  • Retail service locations: call (773) 894-3900.

From which terminal do the international flights depart at O'Hare International Airport?

From Terminal 5 Concourse M Gate 21, all the international flight departures at O'Hare International Airport. Sometimes due to air traffic, the terminal may change to O'Hare airport International flight terminal; you can contact the customer service representative before arriving at the airport.

What is the mailing address of O'Hare International Airport?

While making the reservation with O'Hare International Airport, the passenger needs to submit some through the mail, which cannot be submitted online. You can mail to the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) customer service, PO Box 66142, Chicago, IL 60666.

How to contact O'Hare International Airport for baggage claim?

For the baggage claim at O'Hare airport, you must visit terminal 5. You can also contact the customer service representative by calling (773) 686-3157.

How do I contact O'Hare International Airport by using Social Media?

You can contact the customer services representative by using the social media platform. It is one of the effective methods to reach O'Hare International Airport representatives. You can use the multiple platforms as given below:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • Flickr:
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