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How do I speak to a person in Iberia?

After making the flight bookings, if you are stuck in a situation that you want to reschedule, but due to incomplete knowledge, you cannot do it. Then you can take the help of a representative as these representatives have complete information about the airlines. Every airline has a representative feature, and Iberia airlines are one of them. By Speak to a person at Iberia airlines representative, you can resolve your query related to your bookings or your upcoming plans. You need to read below to learn more about connecting with an Iberia representative. 

Talk to someone at Iberia:

  • Dial Iberia Airlines phone number (+1) 800 772 4642/ 1806 256 8457 From Monday to Sunday 00.00–24.00 (Spanish and English).
  • Dial Accessibility Services and Information at 1-800-994-0704.
  • Ibeira support Email:

How do I speak to someone at Iberia?

  • First, dial Iberia phone number (+1) 800 772 4642/ (+1) 806 256 8457.
  • Select the language to speak to a person in Iberia.
  • Listen to the IVR command.
  • Press the key to get through to the Iberia representative.
  • Wait for a few minutes to connect your call.
  • Now, you can Speak to a live person at Iberia Airlines.

Ways to connect with an Iberia representative are below.

Several modes are given by Iberia airlines to help you and provide you with all the possibilities to know all these ways in the detailed form; you need to read below. 

Using the call mode: You need to select the call option to get the solution to the queries within the quick and time-saving method. To communicate on calls, you have to call on the mentioned contact, Iberia airlines phone number 1 (800) 772-4642, and follow the below-mentioned IVR instructions. 

  • Click 1 to select the language.
  • Click 2 if you want to make a new flight reservations 
  • Click 3 for queries about the lost or damaged luggage
  • Click 4 if you wish to reschedule the flight 
  • Click * to connect with the representative 

After completing the IVR instructions, you must choose the option and connect with the representative. 

On chat: if you cannot connect with the representative on call due to any issue or want to communicate with the representative in some alternative mode, then you can use the chat mode. To speak with the representative on the chat, you need to follow the below points.

  • Visit the website of Iberia airlines. 
  • Then open the contact us section and search for the chat option.
  • Next, go to the chat section and mention the booking details.
  • Following this, mention the passenger information and then submit the details. 
  • After this, mention the complete query in the chat box and then send it.
  • Then the representative will provide you with solutions.

Via email: You can also send your queries through email, and if you want to do it, you need to open this link and select your email id type. After this, you must log in to your account and type your complete query in the compose new email section. Then you need to mention your booking information and send it, and the representative managing that page will provide you with all the possible solutions within 24 hours. 

Use social media: There are multiple social media handles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, on which the representative of Iberia airlines is available. You can use those social media applications to send your queries if you want. For this, you need to open any of that applications and then reach the page of Iberia airlines. After this, in the message section, type your complete query, then the booking details, and send it. The representative will provide you with all the possible solutions. 

These ways will help you to communicate with Iberia airlines, and Iberia airlines customer service hours are available 24 hours a so that you can communicate with them anytime. 

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phone +1 806 256 8457
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