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How far in advance can you book United flights?

When you are willing to plan your trip with United Airlines, and if you wish to make the booking, you can make the reservation 330 days before the flight departure. Now, you might not have the issue or question about How far advanced United flight booking is. Because the answer to this has been mentioned here, after this, if you need the guide for conducting the booking process, then read the subheadings.

Methods to book United flight tickets in advance:

While making the reservation in advance, you can use any of the modes stated here. So choose any options which are suitable for you, and the options are as follows:-

Via call

You can also make the booking on United Airlines by calling the airline's customer service team. Thus you can obtain the number from its official website, or to skip the process, you can use this number 1 (800) 864-8331 to book United Airlines flight ticket in Advance. After dialing the number, you must provide every passenger's details and make payment. And the IVR options to choose from are as follows:-

  • Tap1 to choose the language 
  • Tap2 to make a reservation 
  • Tap5 for flight cancellation 
  • Tap6  to change the flight
  • Tap 7 to enquire about miles
  • Tap # to speak with the customer service team.

Via online 

While using the airline's phone number, if you cannot conduct the booking process, then via online mode, you can conduct the booking on your own. And the step for conducting the United airlines advance booking has been displayed beneath:-

  • Open United Airlines' official websites
  • Then click on the book icon.
  • After that, type the flight details and click on the search icon.
  • Now, select your flight and enter the details of the passengers.
  • Further, you have to make payment by using any of the available methods.
  • And when the booking procedure is completed, you will get a message in your email id and number.

When can I book my United flight ticket? 

When you wish to make a cheaper flight reservation on United Airlines, you can have various options by which you can make the reservation at a lower price here. And the tips are as follows:-

Book United flight ticket in Advance:

When your plan is fixed, then try to make the reservation as early as possible because, at that time, flight seats are vacant, and to attract the consumer, the airline provides offers and vouchers. Thus, you can get a cheap flight ticket compared to the flight ticket nearby departure. Hence on United Airlines, you can book the flight 330 days prior, and on that date, you can get a cheap flight ticket. Thus you might not face doubts about How far advance United flight booking.


You can also get the ticket cheaper if you make a weekday reservation. There is less rush on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of the working days. That is why flight ticket is cheaper these days.


To avail of the cheaper flight ticket, avoid going to the destinations which are the best time to visit. During this time, flight ticket is subject to availability, and due to this reason, you can check the flight costlier. And avail the cheaper flight ticket you can avoid that month for making a reservation at a lower price.

Hence you read here; then you can grab the answer for the query such as How far advance United flight booking and key points to book cheaper flight tickets. But when you have any doubt regarding that, speak to airline customer service.

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