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Can I add extra baggage to my BA booking?

Yes, you add an extra bag to your BA booking. However, the allowance for bags could depend on the routes of traveling and ticket types. Further, if you are eligible to add an additional bag, then you could be charged an additional sum. Besides this, there are multiple options through which you can conduct your requests, and the information about those can be sought at the bottom.

Ways to add additional Baggage on British Airways:

Add after purchasing a flight ticket-

When you have realized that you have to take more than permissible bags, then you can add them through the website. Moreover, the guide to add baggage after booking British Airways has been defined at the bottom:-

  • Go to British Airways site
  • Then, choose a manage booking icon
  • Further, enter your booking reference number with your surname
  • After that, click on the add bags options
  • Later, add a number of bags and then click on the Continue icon
  • Now, make a payment with the available modes and then click on the submit icon. 

At the time of check-in:

When you are looking to get a flight ticket through an online check, then you can also add an extra bag to the itinerary. Furthermore, the steps to Add Extra baggage on British Airways online check-in have been demonstrated at the bottom points:-

  • Visit to the authenticated site British Airways
  • Then, from the homepage, click on the online check-in
  • Further, enter the booking reference number with your surname and then click on the check-in icon. 
  • Later, choose a passenger name and then click on the add bags
  • On the next tab, pay its cost and then follow the on-screen process.
  • Once the process is finished then, you can get an updated flight ticket. 

What is the cost of extra bags on British Airways?

When you have to travel with more bags on British Airways, then an additional sum for completing a task. However, the members of Oneworld were able to take bags without paying any charges. Thus, you can get more information about the British Airways extra baggage cost by reading at the bottom titles:-

  • If you could travel in the “Economy class,” then you might have to pay $90 to $200.
  • Premium Economy” and “Business/Club” travelers have to pay $170 to $200 for 3rd and 4th bags. 
  • A “First class” passenger has to pay $200 for the 4th bag

What is the British Airways baggage information?

When you have to take a bag on British Airlines, then you would have to meet certain conditions. If your requirement does not match up, you might be unable to bring the same. However, you can determine the statutory provision related to this by going through the bottom. 

Carry-on bags:- the number of bags that you could be able to bring with you in a cabin is two. One is a carry-on, and the other is a handbag. However, the more information about the same is as such:-

  • The dimensions of carry-on bags should be 22 x 18 x 10in, and handbags should be 16 x 12 x 6in
  • The weight of each one should be 23 kg.

Checked bags:- when you are traveling with more than a cabin bag, then you could submit it to the airport counters. Further, provision about those has been listed at the bottom:-

  • The maximum number of bags that you can bring is 4. 
  • If you are on basic economy fares, then you would have to pay for each one.
  • Further, the size of bags should be 90 x 75 x 43cm, and the weight shall not exceed 25 kg.

Furthermore, when you get at the above titles, then you can get information to buy extra baggage British Airways as well as distinct other options. Still, if you have any kind of confusion, then you can approach its customer service team and have a resolution. 

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