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How do I Cancel my AirSWIFT booking?

The passenger who wants to cancel their booked flight due to last-minute plan changes or medical reasons. There are specific ways for Air Swift to Manage my booking or cancel the booked flight ticket. You can either cancel the booking online or via call; if you want to learn more about the online process, kindly follow the given steps, which are essential.

Follow the Online Steps to cancel AirSwift Flight booking:

  • Go to the AirSwift official website
  • Click on the Manage Booking or My Trip tab mentioned on the menu bar.
  • Passengers must fill in the booking reference code and the traveler’s last name mentioned on the itinerary.
  • Select the flight ticket to make a cancellation from the dashboard.
  • Click right and tap on "Cancel my Flight".
  • Fill in the reason for the cancellation of the flight and "Submit".
  • Click on "Confirm" for cancellation and pay the fees(if applicable).

Steps to cancel the AirSwift flight ticket via phone:

When travelers are unable to Cancel AirSwift booking online due to technical error or some other faults. The passenger can easily cancel the booking on call, but you must keep the required information handy, such as the booking reference code and last name. Some of the mandatory steps are below to connect with the agent on call.

  • Customers should dial AirSwift phone number 907-802-4035 or 806-256-8457 to speak with the representative.
  • You should select the preferred language.
  • Passengers must hear the automated IVR instructions carefully and then enter the preferred number key, which may lead to connecting the call with the executive.
  • The customer support agent will ask for the essential information like last name and booking confirmation code.
  • You will receive a notification on a valid email address about the booked flight cancellation.

What is the AirSwift Cancellation Policy?

The Airline does follow a flexible cancellation policy to make the Cancel my AirSwift reservations easy and quick. The Airline has issued a few terms and conditions to make the travelers understand under which states they may be required to pay the cancellation fee. If you need to learn the rules and regulations, it will be better to read the following data.

  • People with refundable tickets can cancel the booking without any cancellation charges only if the scheduled departure is seven days away.
  • Non-refundable ticket holders are not allowed to cancel the booking. If they still want to cancel it, the fee will be imposed.
  • You are allowed to cancel the booking online if the purchase was made online or at the Airport if the passenger has purchased the tickets from a third party. Then, the customer should contact the travel agent to make the edit.
  • If the traveler cancels the booking at the Airport, then you need to pay the extra charges, whereas for online cancellation, no hidden fees will be applicable.
  • For the booking made with miles, passengers can cancel the booked flight ticket at least seven days after the scheduled flight departure. The Airline will impose the cancellation fee, and the points will not be redeposited in your account, but the passenger will get the travel voucher.
  • Passengers can cancel all fare tickets without any cancellation fee before seven days of departure except the Basic Economy class.
  • The Airline is not liable to charge any cancellation fee if the reservation was made before 60 days of the scheduled flight departure.
  • If the Airline cancels the scheduled flight due to technical issues or weather conditions, then either the Airline will rebook the next available flight or refund the ticket value. 

AirSwift 24-hour cancellation policy:

You must know the AirSwift 24-hour cancellation policy, under which passengers are allowed to make the necessary changes or cancel the booked flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase or on the same day. Still, the time difference between the cancellation date and departure day must be seven days to avoid the cancellation Charges. You are eligible to get a full refund.

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