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Can I rebook my ticket in Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific flight booking and cancellation is easy to process; however, there are many cases in which travelers wish to reschedule their booking post making a reservation, and they are confused about whether it is possible or not. They must know that, yes, the airline permits them to make changes to their bookings. There are many Cebu Pacific rebooking rules that must be taken care of by ticket holders who wish to reschedule their tickets. If any ticket holder of Cebu Pacific wishes to rebook their already existing tickets and is unaware of the terms and conditions and the procedure, then he can get an idea of the important policies from the following section. Also, the process to rebook tickets is described below. 

Cebu Pacific rebooking policy:

There are several important policies that are framed for flight rebooking so that customers do not have any doubts. Customers can get an idea of the most relevant rebooking policy in Cebu Pacific from the following pointers:

  • If any Cebu Pacific ticket holder requests to rebook a ticket within the initial 24 hours of the Cebu flight reservation, then he is eligible to make changes for free.
  • If any customer wishes to rebook tickets after Cebu's permitted risk-free time of 24 hours, then he is required to pay flight rebooking charges.
  • If the reason for flight rebooking is the ill health of the passenger, then he can contact Cebu Pacific customer services in advance and notify them about the same to avail of free flight rebooking.
  • Ticket holders are not allowed to rebook tickets if the time remaining in flight-departure is less than 2 hours. 
  • If there is a fare difference between the initial flight price and the recently selected flight, then travelers are required to pay the fare difference along with the rebooking price.
  • If Cebu flights are delayed for more than 3 hours, passengers are eligible to cancel the initial reservation and rebook another flight to their destination. 

How to Rebook a Cebu Pacific flight?

Travelers can rebook tickets either online or even after reaching the airport. After knowing the rebooking policy of Cebu Pacific, you must be wondering about the process. The description is given below. 

Online Process to Rebook Cebu Pacific Tickets: 

In order to rebook tickets, it is important that customers follow the online steps given below:

  1. Go to the website of Cebu Pacific
  2. Tap on the “Manage Booking” option.
  3. Enter the booking reference-number and email-address and click on the find booking option.
  4. As you get your ticket, you need to first cancel your reservation and then rebook the flight to your destination by making the desired-changes.
  5. Finally, click on the "Confirm" button.
  6. If required, then make the remaining payment.
  7. Soon, your rebooking information will be sent over. 

Rebook Cebu Pacific tickets at the Airport:

Customers who already have Cebu Pacific tickets can also rebook tickets after reaching the airport. They can simply head to the customer service counter and provide the booking number and other ticket information to Cebu representatives. As he searches for the reservation, they can mention their reason for requesting rebooking; if the reason is valid, the airline representative will make the travel amendments as required. Finally, they can make payment and take flight boarding passes to proceed ahead. 

What is Cebu Pacific's rebooking phone number?

Customers can use the Cebu Pacific rebooking hotline at +61-2-9119-2956/ +6 328 540 0393  whenever they cannot rebook their tickets online. After dialing the above-mentioned number, when they come across automated instructions, they must follow them to get a hold of live representatives. Finally, when the call is connected, they can mention booking details and ask the concerned representative to help with the flight rebooking process. Soon after processing the request, a Cebu customer service representative will make the required changes and send a message about the confirmation. 

How much does it cost to rebook a Cebu Pacific flight?

The fee that is required to rebook Cebu Pacific flights depends upon different factors, such as travel class and the time at which any ticket holder requests flight rebooking. The approximate amount that is required to be paid by the customers to rebook their already booked ticket is between $20-$75. Customers can contact customer services if they wish to get exact information regarding flight rebooking fees. 

How many times can I rebook Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific allows customers to rebook flights as many times as required before departure. However, ticket-holders must note that they are required to pay the rebooking fee, Cebu Pacific, to make the desired changes. 

Can I rebook the Cebu Pacific flight twice? 

Yes, ticket holders of Cebu Pacific can rebook tickets twice after cancellation. They must note if they rebook within 24 hours of reservation, then they are exempted from flight rebooking fees, but if they make changes after that, then they are liable to pay flight rebooking-fare to Cebu Airlines, whose details can be gathered by using Cebu pacific rebooking hotline-number. 

What happens when you rebook a Cebu Pacific flight?

When ticket holders rebook their already booked Cebu Pacific flight, their traveling date will be changed. They must note that traveling destinations will remain the same. Also, passengers whose name is registered on the ticket are only permitted to travel via Cebu Pacific. To rebook tickets, it is important that customers pay the Cebu Pacific rebooking fee using their preferred transaction mode. 

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