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A Guide to Add Extra Baggage on Lufthansa Flight:

Passengers sometimes need clarification with carrying extra luggage because they most times wish to carry some extra equipment because it is necessary for their travel. So, in such uneven circumstances, if you need to gather information for such references, then you should use the Lufthansa Add baggage online procedure as it is one of the most convenient options available for the passengers because, at the time of ticket purchase, you can add extra luggage without any trouble, but you should note one necessary point that you will have to pay additional charges which will be applicable per piece or special items accordingly.

Remember the policies for Lufthansa Airline Extra baggage:

Here are a few points to consider, which are about the Lufthansa Airlines excess luggage, and you will be able to proceed accordingly. 

  • In cases of Lufthansa, extra or excess baggage carrying, flat charges would be applicable for your ticket. 
  • Extra baggage on Lufthansa Airlines charges is always applicable per kilogram, per item, or any special thing, and it will be applied at the time of baggage acceptance when checked in.
  • Lufthansa Airlines suggests that travelers that extra luggage should be added at the time of ticket purchase, which would be before your scheduled flight, by a travel agency or with the help of the Lufthansa service center.
  • Furthermore, in Lufthansa Economy/Premium Economy class – whenever a passenger carries extra baggage, then it is considered the excess when it weighs more than 23 kg (up to 32 kg maximum) or larger than 158 cm depending on the width + height + depth a maximum of 292 cm).
  • In addition, for business or first class traveling with extra luggage at Lufthansa, it is considered excess at the time 158 cm to a maximum of 292 cm.
  • Note that different classes on Lufthansa Airlines differ for excess luggage, and in case you need to gather information, then you shall get through the norms of airlines via the site or discuss it directly with the customer service helpdesk.

Since you read the following information from the above section and now wish to know about the subtle procedure which is about Lufthansa adding baggage to an existing booking, then you must go by the following steps as you will be able to intake the appropriate set of procedures quite conveniently.

Follow easy steps to add extra baggage with Lufthansa Airlines:

  • First off, go to the official site of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Now, you shall log in to your account with proper credentials such as email address/ID or phone number and password. 
  • After this, select "My Bookings," and from the extra services side, tap over "Book additional baggage."
  • Then you have to log in via travel ID or with the help of the booking code. 
  • Select your ticket and tap over the edit button, as you can proceed with adding extra luggage without any trouble. 
  • Once you complete the adding procedure for Lufthansa extra luggage, you next have to provide further details, too.
  • At last, pay for the extra luggage with the help of choosing the appropriate medium, and once the payment is processed, you shall receive a confirmation email along with a complete summary.

Hence, with the help of using the above pointers, I hope that you have attained enough information in reference to Lufthansa adding baggage online, as it is one of the most convenient options to process. In case you are still having any trouble, then dial 1-800-645-3880/ 806-256-8457. Speak directly with a live person for an immediate set of guidance.

How much are Lufthansa's extra baggage fees for international flights?

The charges applied to passengers’ tickets are mainly applicable on extra carrying, which will indeed differ with classes or additional services you intake; thus, Lufthansa extra baggage fees for international flights, are from $150, and for more information, you can connect with a live representative for help.

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