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How do I cancel the Disney cruise booking?

Disney Cruise is a cruise line from England, London. However, they have operational headquarters in Florida celebrations, where they take their guests to many places. If you have made a cruise reservation, you can Cancel the Disney Cruise booking if you have changes in your plans. You must follow a process that lets you access your cruise reservation; from there, you have various options. You can select cancelation from there to cancel your cruise reservation. Follow these steps to complete a cancelation process. 

  • First, visit Disney Cruise's official website.
  • Next, from the "Already Booked" tab click on "My Reservations" which redirects you to the Login page
  • You must provide your Username/Email and a password to take you to your Disney cruise reservations.
  • There, you can click on the cruise reservation you want to make a cancellation.
  • Click by selecting the option "Canceling your reservation" and "Save Changes".

You have completed your cruise reservation cancelation process, for which there is a confirmation that you are going to get on your registered email.

What is the Disney Cruise cancellation policy?

 You can cancel your Disney cruise reservation to know if you get a refund. A policy lets you know when to cancel the ticket for a refund. That Disney cruise cancellation policy is 

  1. You can make a cruise cancelation prior to your commencement date if you are looking for a refund for3 the cruise reservation that you already made.
  2. For making cancelation after the vacation commencement date there is no refund awarded to the travelers making cancelation. 
  3. You can get a refund of your cruise reservation that is awarded after the cancelation amount, along with other amounts owed, are taken from the amount that you paid while making your Disney cruise reservation

What number do I call to cancel my Disney cruise?

You can also make cancelation your Disney cruise using an offline approach which means you have to reach out to the Disney Cruise cancellation phone number at (800) 951-3532. After this, ask the support team that has to tell your reservation-related information to customer support to complete this. 

 What is the charge to cancel a Disney cruise booking?

You cannot get a full refund after you cancel your Disney cruise reservation which means that you have to know the Disney cruise cancellation fee that is taken from you prior to your refund is given. 

Cruise 1 to 5 nights (excluding suites and concierge staterooms )

Days prior to the commencement of vacation 

Making cancelation 89-45 days is a deposit per guest 

  • For cancelation 44-30 days, 50 percent per vacation guest price 

  • For cancelation 29-15 days, 75 percent per vacation guest price

  • For that cancelation which are 14 days or less, 100 percent per vacation guest price is taken 

Cruise for six nights and more;

Prior days commencement of vacation

  • 119-56 days are deposit per guest

  • 55-30 days cancelation fee is 50 percent per vacation guest price 

  • 29-15 days cancelation fee is 75 percent per vacation guest price

  • 14 days or less cancelation fee is 100 percent per vacation guest price 

For suites, concierge staterooms;

Prior days to vacation commencement 

  • For 90 days or more cancelation fee is deposited per guest price 

  • For 89-56 days cancellation fee is 50 percent per vacation guest price

  • For 55-30 days cancelation fee is 75 percent per vacation guest price 

  • For 29 days or less cancelation fee is 100 percent per vacation guest price 

Can I cancel my Disney cruise and get my money back?

Yes, you can get your amount back. However, you do not get the complete cruise reservation amount. There are some Disney cruise cancellation fees in your paid amount and the remaining amount is refunded to you as an original form of payment that you used at the moment of your cruise reservation.

Travelers who had planned their vacations to sail with Disney cruise and have changes in their plan can cancel their reservation using multiple ways. Also, a refund is there per Disney cruise cancellation policy, which is also explained.

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