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How do I connect to Emirates?

When you choose to fly with Emirates, there can be multiple doubts you would like to clear from an expert. If you wish to have a smooth flying experience, you will need to connect to Emirates and clarify all your trip-related doubts. The expert can solve your queries by communicating with you on a contact medium. Do you wonder what contact mediums you can use to communicate with Emirates customer service? If yes, then read the entire blog and learn about the connecting mediums. 

Mediums Use To Connect with Emirates Customer Service:

There are a couple of contacting mediums available to connect with an Emirates person. Here the mediums are listed with the suitable methods that you will have to follow in order to communicate with an expert. 

Connect by Call:

You should attain the assistance service by calling if you want to communicate directly with a live person at Emirates. Through calling, you join an expert in customer service who will be able to ask your questions, take the required information and talk about your doubts that concern your trip with Emirates.

Method of calling:

  • Dial the Emirates customer service number: 1800-777-3999, 1-806-256-8457.
  • Choose your desired language to continue,
  • Then hear the IVR in your desired language,
    • Choose 1 for general inquiries,
    • Choose 2 to make bookings or cancellations,
    • Choose 3 to claim a refund or compensation,
    • Choose 4 to learn about Emirate's different policies,
    • Choose # to connect with a person at Emirates customer service.

Connect By Live Chat :

To obtain some info from an expert, you can also choose to connect online with Emirates. Not always you can connect with a person instantly using the Emirates customer service number, and then you can choose the live chat for communication regarding your queries. 

Method of Live Chat:

  • Visit the Emirates webpage on the browser,
  • Select “Help & Contacts” on the Help Menu,
  • Then scroll a little on the appeared page,
  • Click on the “Start Live Chat” button,
  • A small window will open, and you need to put your name and email,
  • And start sending your messages to the Emirates expert. 

Connect by Email:

You may also pick the email medium for sending your questions to Emirates and reply to your mail from an expert in 24 to 48 hours. In the email, you can ask questions or take information, give suggestions, file complaints, or claim a refund. 

Method for email:

  • You need to go to the Emirates site,
  • Then open the Help & Contacts page,
  • Click on the Feedback option,
  • Choose the desired option of filling out the form,
  • Then you will receive the suitable questions on the form,
  • Fill it with the correct details and press the Send button,
  • Your email will reach Emirates customer service. 

Connect by Social Media:

Social media sites can also get you to a live person instantly and help you to solve your questions by communicating with you online. You can message them directly in the inbox and take the information you want from a person. Connect to Emirates on the social media account of your choice. 

Method to join social media:

  • Go to the Emirate webpage and reach the bottom,
  • Different social media icons will be given at the bottom,
  • You need to tap on an icon where you like to contact a person,
  • Then select the inbox option and send your messages to Emirates,
  • Within some time, you will receive a reply from a person. 

Hence, if you need to contact customer service, you have mediums like calling using Emirate's contact number, live chat, email, or social media. All the methods of contacting these mediums are given above. 

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