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How to Add Special Assistance on Wizz Air? 

Any passenger who may be in need of special assistance from the airline, for example, a wheelchair, toddler, etc., can book special assistance at Wizz Air through the Special assistance phone number 0044 330 977 044 4/44 203 769 8074 or send your query to specialassistance@wizzair.comto make your flight comfortable and flexible. You are advised to follow the steps mentioned below, which will guide you in all the possible ways:

Here is How to Request Special Assistance on Wizz Air:

  • Visit the official website of Wizz Air or dial 0044 330 977 044 4/44 203 769 8074(Wizz Air Special Assistance contact Number).
  • Secondly, you have to enter your preferred destination, date of travel, and the number of passengers and search for a flight. 
  • Choose your flight and fill out the form. 
  • Before making a payment, you will find the option to request special assistance; tap and describe. 
  • Make the payment, and you will be done with the process. 

How do I contact Wizz Air for Special Assistance?

In case you wonder to contact the airline to request assistance from them, you can reach out to them through varied ways; have a look:

Request through a call:

You can simply reach out to Wizz Air Assistance Phone number 0044 330 977 044 4/+4 390 040 0610, and an executive will be assigned to provide you with resolutions. And make sure to select the appropriate IVR option to request special assistance. 

Request through a live chat:

The airline provides another opportunity for passengers to connect and request special assistance from the airline through a live chat. You are advised to look at the steps written below:

  • Visit the official website of Wizz Air. 
  • Tap the Contact Us option under the support section on the home page. 
  • Then, you will find a chat icon on the left side; tap, and an executive will be assigned. 
  • Describe your need, and an executive will make sure you get assistance at the airport. 

Request at the Airport:

The airline also gives you the privilege of requesting special assistance at the Airport. Visit the airport help desk, request the nature of your required aid, and instantly you will be given assistance to make your journey comfortable. 

What special Assistance is provided by Wizz Air at Airport?

You can make Wizz Air special assistance requests in different ways, as mentioned above. And there are different special assistance services offers, and some of them are written below:

  1. Get a Wheelchair– You can request them to provide wheelchair assistance at the airport so you can get aboard on time. 
  2. Medical assistance– Medical assistance is offered to passengers to make their journey flexible. 
  3. Lounge facilities– You can also request the airline provide you lounge access so you can wait and rest until your flight’s departure time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a wheelchair on Wizz Air?

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