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What happens if I miss my flight with Aeromexico?

In certain cases, the flight Aeromexico ticket holders fail to reach the boarding gate at the airport on time and end up missing their flight. If you are in a similar issue and are thinking about what you can do in this situation, this article will provide you with all the important information regarding Aeromexico's missed flight. Read the context briefly to learn about these policies, conditions, and considerable points.

Missed flight policies of Aeromexico

In case of missing an Aeromexico flight, the applicable policies are as follows:

  1. The flight ticket holder will be considered in the “No Show” category, and the airlines will forfeit the paid amount after canceling the ticket automatically. 
  2. An individual cannot ask for their flight ticket refund if they have not already informed the airline of not reaching the airport on time. 
  3. The individuals who have a genuine reason for missing their flight and already have contacted the airline’s representative will be eligible to get some part of the fare as a refund or can ask for a rebooking. 
  4. When the flight is missed due to delay or cancellation of the connecting flight of the individual, a full refund or a rebooking will be offered without the additional charges. 
  5. If the individual’s travel insurance covers the missing flight expense, the paid amount will be fully refunded by contacting the airline. 

What to do if I missed the connecting flight?

In case you have booked a connecting flight with Aeromexico and the connection flight is missed by you, below are the conditions for Aeromexico missed connecting flight that you can consider:

  • In case there was a delay on the first flight, and therefore you could not make it on time for the connecting flight, you can ask the airlines for a rebooking and compensation.
  • The connecting flight is missed due to a delay in the baggage claim, which will also provide you with a free rebooking option.
  • The individual missing the connecting flight for any medical condition can ask for a refund of the unused part. 

How to rebook an Aeromexico missed flight?

The individuals who have missed their flight and, according to the policies, are going for the rebooking, there are a couple of ways available. The methods to rebook missed flight on Aeromexico are mentioned here:

Through the website:

A missed flight can be rebooked online from the official site by following this simple guide:

  • First, head to the Aeromexico website,
  • Open the “My Flight” window,
  • Fill in the Reservation Number and Last Name in the appropriate fields of your missed flight ticket,
  • Click on the “Look For” option, and in a second, the new page will load with your missed flight details,
  • Underneath the same, you can locate the “Rebooking Flight” option,
  • You will have to add the flight requirements in the next page,
  • Select a suitable flight for completing the rebooking,
  • You might have to add a few more details or pay a fee, and then the rebooking at Aeromexico will be completed,

Through the Call Center: 

The individual who has missed the Aeromexico flight can immediately reach out to the call center to speak with a human directly and request the rebooking of the flight. The process is explained in detail below:

  1. Call Aeromexico missed flight phone number: 1 (800) 237-6639/1 (806) 256-8457
  2. A human will be on the other side of your call in a moment,
  3. After that, ask for the rebooking of your missed flight,
  4. You will have to share all the details of the flight as well as your flight ticket info,
  5. Next, you will be asked your preference for the rebooking of the missed flight,
  6. Provide the information as per the requirement of the same with the human on the call,
  7. You might have to pay the charge for missed flight rebooking, and after that, the process will be done,
  8. The rebooked flight details and ticket will be received at your email address. 

Getting through with the details provided in the above context, you have not to think further about what to do if I miss my flight with Aeromexico. Depending on the situation, you can contact the airlines for a refund or the rebooking of your missed flight. 

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