How do I talk to a live person at Delta?

People can communicate with Delta customer service representatives. Passengers are able to get instant assistance for multiple Delta flight inquiries. Delta customer service is vital for support as far as flight bookings, flight changes, cancellations, or refund support. People are able to find proper assistance and can get help from Delta through different methods.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Information:

Dial Delta Airlines Phone number 800-221-1212 or 1-802-200-9500(OTA)to talk to a live person at Delta Airlines and know about new or existing reservations or flight changes or cancellations. You can check in the contact us section to talk to a person at Delta by different modes.

How do I talk to a person at Delta?

  1. Dial Delta phone number 800-221-1212 or 1-802-200-9500(OTA).
  2. Select language to speak to a live person at Delta.
  3. Listen to IVR instructions.
  4. Press the inquiry number related to your inquiry.
  5. Wait, to connect your call with Delta Agent.
  6. Now, you can talk to a Delta agent to get help.

You can now get help from Delta Airlines customer service by asking your queries on call.

How do I online chat with Delta live person?

Customers can chat online with Delta on the device. Visit -> Go to “Need Help?” Page -> Go to “Message us”-> chat with a live person at Delta.

In the chat box, you need to write the query and send it to a virtual agent of Delta Airlines.

How do I send an email to Delta customer service?

If you have any suggestions or complaints and any requirements regarding flight cancellation or changes it's better to have written communication with customer Service. You can send an email to Delta Airlines and If you still facing some issues email Delta at

  1. Compose your email that includes your query or doubts in brief.
  2. Include your booking information such as your booking reference number and your last name. 
  3. Send the email to Delta customer Service
  4. Delta support will try to respond in 48 hours. 

Email is not a suitable option if people need quick assistance with their flight bookings at Delta airlines. 

Delta Airlines Social Media networks:

People are able to communicate with the customer service representatives at Delta airlines for help by tagging Delta airlines in their social media posts. For instance, people can tag  @Deltaairlines for initiating a complaint or for general feedback. 

  1. Facebook: @delta
  2. Instagram: @delta
  3. Twitter: @delta
  4. Youtube: @delta

How do I reach Delta customer service?

Passengers can contact Delta Airlines Customer Service for flight bookings, cancellations, refunds, seat selection, check-in, etc are concerned. One can call Delta's phone number and can talk to a live person at Delta. If you want help with your flight bookings, you can communicate with the Delta representatives by following the below-mentioned steps that are as follows: 

  1. First visit the official Delta airlines website,
  2. Go to option “Contact Us”
  3. You need to select the option “Call Delta”.
  4. Then choose and dial Delta's phone number for required services.
  5. Select your language to talk to a person at Delta.
  6. Wait, you can now communicate with the Delta representative.
  7. The professional will get back to you and you can have ample support with your flight bookings at Delta. 

Passengers can take notes of their conversations with the live person at Delta. You can gather the required information from the customer service professionals at Delta for help with your reservations. If you are unable to reach a customer service professional via the helpline number, you can still get help by other contact options available at Delta for help and support. 

How can I get help from Delta?

Passengers needing help with their flight reservations are able to get help from customer service professionals by contacting the support team, via the ‘Complaints and Feedback’ Form available online at People need to fill out the details of the complaints and feedback form in order to get ultimate help and assistance with their flight bookings or any other related concern or query.

  1. Go to the official Delta airlines website
  2. Click on the option “Contact Us”.
  3. Select the “Feedback/Complaint Form”.
  4. Fill out the form and submit it to get help from Delta.
  5. The concerned Delta Support team will get back to you promptly to address your concern. 

What help can we get from Delta Customer Service?

Passengers are able to get help from Delta Airlines  and  the following flight-related things: 

  1. Flight booking and reservations. 
  2. Check-in for flight. 
  3. Flight seat selection. 
  4. Baggage allowances or baggage report in the case of Lost or Found. 
  5. Flight cancellations and refunds. 
  6. Flight-related complications and issues. 

Passengers are able to get help with  Delta flight bookings at Delta airlines. Delta Airlines customer service is just a call away. People can get ultimate support with the above-listed things and much more by speaking to someone at Delta at


1. How do I reach a human at Delta quickly?

Passengers facing trouble with their Delta airlines flight bookings can connect with the customer service department and multiple ways are available to reach someone from the customer support team at Delta. One of the fastest methods to establish communication with a human at Delta airlines is via Delta Airlines phone number 1800 123 6645 or 1-802-200-9500 for reservations or changes related to previous bookings. Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to connect with the reservations department at Delta airlines for help and support as far as flight bookings are concerned. 

  1. First, visit the official Delta airlines website
  2. Click on “Contact Us”.
  3. Select to method “Call us” to contact Delta customer service.
  4. You need to dial Delta Phone number 1800 123 6645 or 1-802-200-9500 
  5. Then choose your language to get a human at Delta.
  6. Listen to IVR and press the appropriate key to reach Delta customer service.
  7. After waiting, You can speak to a person in Delta.

2. Is Delta customer service open?

Yes, you can connect with a live person at Delta by phone

 1-802-200-9500 or through live chat anytime. Delta customer service is open 24/7 to serve its customers. Or for booking a Delta flight ticket  you can connect at the following time

  1. Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.
  2. Saturday and Sunday are closed. 

3. How do I contact Delta for a refund?

If you are not getting your Delta refund on time then you can get back to Delta refund contact  1-802-200-9500 and can get your money back from Delta Airlines.

4. How do I get through to Delta?"

Delta Airlines provide the best customer service to their passengers for any issue and query. The process to connect with Delta airlines customer service are as follows.

Methods to get in touch with Delta Airlines

1. Phone Call- Call Delta Airlines at  800-221-1212 or +1 802 200 9500 and Speak to a person at the Delta customer service, and once getting connected, follow the IVR instructions.

  • Press1, to speak in English 
  • Press2, for refund-related issue
  • Press9, to connect with the executive.
  • Once the executive will get in touch with you, talk to them and resolve your query.

 2. Live Chat: If you have to wait for a long time on Delta Airlines' customer service number, in that case, you can connect with the agent on the live chat.

Click on the icon and follow the IVR instruction after which the customer care agent will get in touch with you.

  1. Scroll down to jump on the ‘contact us’ option and look at the chat icon on the bottom right corner.
  2. Get onto the official website of Delta airlines.
+1 802 200 9500
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